Wind Chimes MARS

Product no.: 51401 (Style: CLASSIC, Colour: GOLDEN)
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Wind Chimes 'Mars'

Design: Classic
Tubes: gold andizied

More variationes: see below


The octav-tone of the planet Mars

Astrologically, Mars embodies the centrifugal, outwardly directed primordial force. It stands for the principle of activity, of intervention in the world and the associated will to change. The result is a spirit of enterprise, fighting spirit and initiative.

Detailed information on the Mars sound at mini_newpage.png

Sound sample Wind Chimes MARS mini_newpage.png


Higher octave of the solar orbit of Mars (details mini_newpage.png)
Aries, Scorpion
Energy, activity
Willpower, self-assertion

6 tubes

Total length:
Longest tube:

Total diameter:
Tube diameter:
ca. 100 cm / 39 inch
ca. 50 cm / 20 inch
ca. 18 cm / 7 inch
25 mm / 1 inch


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