Wind Chimes MERCURY

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Wind Chimes 'Mercury'

Design: Classic
Tubes: silver anodized

More variationes: see below


The octav tone of the planet Mercury

Mercury is the smallest and also the closest planet to the sun. According to ancient astrological tradition it is the "messenger of the gods" and stands for communication and spiritual exchange. All elementary functions of the mind are assigned to him: thinking, speaking, hearing, reading, writing, calculating and learning. As the god of commerce, he emphasizes the side of the "colourful hustle and bustle of life". The very high, almost supernatural sounds are supposed to have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Detailed information about the octave of Mercury's sun orbit can be found at mini_newpage.png


Sound sample Wind Chimes MERCURY mini_newpage.png



Higher octave of the solar orbit of Mercury (details mini_newpage.png)
Gemini, Virgo
Intellect, communication
Cleverness, brain, analytic thinking

4 claves

Total length:
Longest clave:
Total diameter:
​Clave diameter:
ca. 40 cm / 16 inch
ca. 20 cm / 8 inch
ca. 8 cm / 3 inch
12 mm / 0.5 inch


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