PAISTE Gong Center


In the 1980s, the renowned gong maker PAISTE developed the cosmically tuned Planet Gongs from their series of Symphonic Gongs. Since the foundation of Planetware in 1990, we have included them in our instrument program. Since 2013 Planetware is a PAISTE authorized Gong Center. The sound spectrum of the frequency-precise Planet Gongs is extended extensively with the sounds of the other PAISTE Gongs..

PAISTE currently has longer delivery times for
Planet Gongs
symphonic gongs
Brilliant Symphonic Gongs
Sound Creation Gongs

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Instructions and Tips

Instructions and Tips

Learn more about the Anatomy of Gongs, the Gong Striking Areas, the Suspension of Gongs,
Gong Cleaning and the Transportation/Handling of Gongs.