CD "Zeitgeber"

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CD "Zeitgeber" by Dream Control

Electronica, Trance

Two legends of the German Krautrock and electronic scene — Steve Schroyder, former member of Tangerine Dream, and Zeus B. Held, Birth Control member of many years — have joined forces to start their new music project: Dream Control. On their debut album „Zeitgeber“ electronic pioneers Zeus B. Held and Steve Schroyder celebrate their very own sound and rhythm in a cosmic journey through audio and time, structured in ten compositions and improvisations. Various tracks are enhanced by the voices of Anne Zeides and Tami Williams as well as the overtone and throat singing of Kolja Simon und Felix Mönnich aka AlienVoices.

As with all Panetware Records releases the music of Dream Control is based on chosen planetary or molecular tunings, which differ from the usual concert pitch.

CD in highquality digipack with 16 pages booklet

Min.  | bpm   tempo     |  Hz    tuning
1. Eyes And Ears
 5:24 | 127.6 EarthYear | 221.23 Venus
2. Time Out
 7:01 | 132.4 Merkur    | 172.07 Plat.Year 
3. Go Forward ...
 3:56 |  69   Saturn    | 221.23 Venus
4. To Tomoro
 4:53 | 138   Saturn    | 221.23 Venus
5. Frozen Boumme
 9:12 | 127.6 EarthYear | 147.85 Saturn
6. Kant Can Dance
 5:29 | 135   Mars      | 128.7  THC-4  
7. Doors Of Perception
14:20 |  99   Neptune   | 147.85 Saturn
8. Tomaga
 5:49 | 138   Saturn    | 221.23 Venus
9. Gamma Ray
 5:15 | 127.6 EarthYear | 163.6  LSD-1
9. Blick Aus Meinem Fenster
16:23 | 138   Saturn    | 207.36 Uranus
Total 77:43 Min.
(bpm = beats per minute; Hz. = Hertz)
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Video "Kant Can Dance" the film

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Steve Schroyder started to develop his musical vision with an electronic organ and his own films. He founded the group Turning Free giving a string of improvised concerts in Berlin clubs before meeting Edgar Froese in 1970 to mutually further develop the vision of ‘cosmic music’ resulting in recording the Tangerine Dream albums "Alpha Centauri" and "Zeit". In 1972 he left TD and joined Ash Ra Temple. Further creative collaborations and projects include Scarecrew and Augenstern. In 1987 he met Hans Cousto and the Cosmic Octave. Together they released the albums "Klänge Bilder Welten" and "Sun - Spirit of Cheops". In 1989 he foundet the Star Sounds Orchestra with Jens Zygar. He was on tour with Anne Clark and produced the album "Qigong Dancing" with Alien Voices. For biography in detail please click here.

Dream ControlZeus B. Held began his musical career in 1972 in French progressive art-rock band Eruption before joining successful German prog rock group Birth Control, performing and writing with them 1973 – 1978. He was one of the first musicians to use the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM 201 in his live sets. Zeus’ production work with cult project Gina X Performance transformed him into an electronic specialist producer settling down in London for over 20 years. In his London studio he worked with artists including John Foxx, Dead or Alive, Men Without Hats, Transvision Vamp and Gary Numan, did a series of international soundtracks and further productions with Nina Hagen and Udo Lindenberg. After numerous trips around the globe he composed and produced a collection of his own albums.
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