Trigons / Triangle Plates

Trigons / Triangle Plates

Trigon Bronze natur

Triangle plates (also called trigons) are a new development from the silversmith and sound artist Martin Bläse, ideal for musicians and everyone who works and plays with sounds. As tonal and rhythmic instruments triangle plates belong to the "idiophonic" group of instruments (sounds are created by the intrument vibrating as a whole

Martin BläseThe triangle plates are made from bronze. In his studio KULT-UR-SPRUNG Martin Bläse combines the advantages of the metal industry - creating especially pure metals - with the tools of his handicraft. The cold metal is hammered, annealed and subsequently allowed to cool slowly. This "tempering" optimizes the sound quality.
The trigons coincide precisely with the planetary tone frequencies. Their precision of  ± 0.5 % lies within the normal deviation caused by temperature differences.
In contrast to tuning forks, the triangle plates create a loud spacial sound. A wooden sphere serves as both a handle and striking tool.
The triangle plates are available in three variations: natural bronze, polished bronze and nickel silver (an alloy comprising copper, nickel and zinc, also known as alpaca silver). The difference in sound between the materials is negligible.
They are delivered in a noble black cardboard box or as a set of 13 notes in a wooden box. Accessories available include a table stand with a wooden or Baltic sea stone base,  wall mount and clapper.
Striking the middle of the triangle creates a uniform, lingering sound, whereas striking the triangle near the edge makes it rotate creating a lingering, undulating sound.

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Product no.: 80126

Triangle Plate "Sun tone" 

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Product no.: 80194

Triangle Plate "Earth Day, synodic" 

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Product no.: 80195

Triangle Plate "Earth-Day, sideric"

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Product no.: 80136

Triangle Plate "Earth-Year"

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Product no.: 80172

Triangle Plate "Earth, Platonic Year"

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Product no.: 80210

Triangle Plate "Moon, synodic"

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Product no.: 80227

Triangle Plate "Moon, sideric"

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Product no.: 80221

Triangle Plate "Venus"

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Product no.: 80144

Triangle Plate "Mars"

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Product no.: 80207

Triangle Plate "Uranus"

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Product no.: 80211

Triangle Plate "Neptune"

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Product no.: 80140

Triangle Plate "Pluto"

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Product no.: 80056

Trigon-Stand with wooden bottom

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Product no.: 80057

Trigon-Stand with bottom from stone

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Product no.: 80058

Trigon-Wall Hanger

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Product no.: 80001


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