CDr "Ooz"

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CDr "Ooz" by Star Sounds Orchestra

          Planetary Psychedelic Trance


Scottish Bravehearts and African pygmies groove to solar beats and psytrance melodies; lunar pop sequences awaken tantric feelings and a spirited Mars provides ample energy. To coincide with the Solipse Festival in Hungary, at which over 25,000 people celebrated the total solar eclipse with STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA in August 1999, their second psytrance album - "Ooz" - was released on Spirit Zone Records (after Psy Force)

    Tune              bpm  min.          
01. Neanderthal Love  116  5:07
02. Burundi           118  5:07
    Sun beat
03. Anandamid         124  6:22
    Mars geocentric
04. Dark X-Mass       136  6:34
05. Washington        136  7:03
    Mars beat
06. Hovek Olam        142  7:09
07. Western Moon      142  7:09
    Mars tune
08. The Dawning       118  4:01
    Sun beat
09. Liquid Magic       99  8:42
    Moon, synodic
10. Dream Weavers     108  7:40
Total Time                66:23



The Dawning


The music has been released on Planetware Records and is also available for legal download on iTunes and many other download shops.  So that it is not only available in MP3 quality but also in full audio quality, it is also distributed in small editions on burned CDs with ink-jet printed CD labels and covers in slim cases and offered here.

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