Tuning Forks Lplus

Tuning Fork Lplus

Tuning Forks L with ergonomic grasp

With the ergonomic soft grip, the tuning forks can be held easier and more relaxed during the tone puncture. Because the tuning forks L are heavier than the tuning forks S and Splus, they vibrate longer after striking. 

• Milled from one piece of high-quality tool steel and then nickel-plated.
• Fork foot with handle padding made of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) filled with cork.
• Fork arms with fine matt surface and phase running all around the edges
• Tuning accuracy 1 cent (1/100 semitone step).
- High-contrast with the number and name of the frequency (planet name)

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Large sized tuning forks "Lplus" (large) with ergonomic grasp

For tunings forks “Lplus“ with other frequencies
see selection there.

55.00 *
Delivery weight: 240 g
Product no.: 23007

7 large sized tuning forks L plus ergonomic grasp in a pleather bag; including 1 Top Piece.

385.00 *
Delivery weight: 2.1 kg
Product no.: 23013

13 large sized tuning forks Lplus in a
leatherette roller bag, incl. 1 Top-Piece.

699.00 *
Delivery weight: 3.5 kg
Product no.: 23025

25 large sized tuning forks Lplus (with ergonomic grasps) in two pleather bag, incl. 1 Top Piece.

Availability: The tuning fork 250.56 Hz Schumann Resonance is currently missing from the set. It can be forwarded on 19.10.2020.

1,329.00 *
Delivery weight: 5.1 kg
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