CD "Der Mond 210,42 Hz"

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CD "Der Mond 210,42 Hz"
(CD "The Moon 210.42 Hz")

Barbara Ostertag
Singing Bowl Meditation

PurePlanet Sound
"DER MOND 210,42 Hz" is the second CD of the series "Pure Planet Sound" planned by Barbara Ostertag, on which compositions for planetary tuned singing bowls are played exclusively.

For "DER MOND 210,42 Hz" Barbara Ostertag, Eva Stöber, Elke Maier-Wenzl and Wolfgang Gleixner played exclusively singing bowls, which are all tuned to the octave tone of the synodic moon-earth orbit - to the cycle from new moon to new moon, respectively from full moon to full moon. 

The music was recorded by Michael Gerlach and Wolfgang Gleixner.

Barbara Ostertag grew up with classical music and yoga and has been teaching yoga for many years. She mainly teaches classes with Klangyoga (sound yoga). This can be clearly heard on this CD: The "PurePlanet Sounds" are the result of a whole new dimension of composed singing bowl recordings.

Total duration: 60 minutes, GEMA-free

1. Mond-Mantra (Moon-Mantra) 13:05 Min.
sound Sound sample
Like a mantra, a sequence of sounds repeats itself throughout the entire piece.

2. Lied des Mondes (Song of the Moon) 8:58 Min.
sound Sound sample
The first singing bowl reminds of the bell of the night watchman, which calls for silence. It is bedtime and the singing bowls take the listener into a night mood. In the sounds one can guess the lullaby "Sleep my prince, go to sleep": "Luna with silver glow, look in to the window ...".

3. Tanz der Mondgeister (Dance of the moon spirits) 8:47 Min.
sound Sound sample
The rhythmically played singing bowls tempt to dance.

4. Wolkenfelder (cloud fields) 6:44 Min.
sound Sound sample
The singing bowls surround the moon like fields of clouds.

5. Klang-Teppich: Tief (Sound carpet: Low) 8:51 Min.
sound Sound sample
Larger singing bowls are heard.

6. Klang-Teppich: Hoch schnell (Sound carpet: High fast7:18 Min.
sound Sound sample
Smaller singing bowls are heard.

7. Klang-Teppich: Hoch ruhig (Sound carpet: High quiet )7:23 Min.
sound Sound sample​
Smaller singing bowls are heard.

Total time 60 minutes, GEMA-free

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