Wind Chimes SOL

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Wind Chimes 'Sol'

Design: Classic
Tubes: silver anodizied

More variationes: see below

The octave tone of the Earth's solar orbit (Earth year)

In Indian mythology he is regarded as the "father of all sounds". He is the sound of light par excellence and in the figurative sense also of clarity, joy and relaxation. Bells and gongs are preferably tuned to him and the holy sound "OM" of meditating monks is intoned.

In experiments, flowers were brought to bloom in winter by regularly holding a tuning fork tuned to the sun tone to the pot. Also in this sound play - besides Jupiter - the opposite pole to the sun tone, the moon tone, resonates.

Detailed information about this sound can be found at mini_newpage.png


​Sound sample Wind Chimes SOL mini_newpage.png


Higher octave of the rotation of earth around the sun (details mini_newpage.png)
Vitality, masculinely
Charisma, peace and relaxation

6 tubes

Total length:
Longest tube:

Total diameter:
Tube diameter:
ca. 110 cm / 43 inch
ca. 56 cm / 22 inch
ca. 22 cm / 9 inch
30 mm / 1.18 inch


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