Energy Chimes - Set of 8

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Set with 8 Planets Energy Chimes

by KlangArt
Eight Sounding rods m
ade from aluminium round-bar, mounted onto a wooden block.

Set with eight planetary tones:
2260.32 Hz
Sample sound.gif Mercury
3539.68 Hz Sample sound.gif Venus
2315.52 Hz Sample sound.gif Mars
2937.28 Hz Sample sound.gif Jupiter
2365.60 Hz Sample sound.gif Saturn
3317.76 Hz Sample sound.gif Uranus
3383.04 Hz Sample sound.gif Neptune
2244.00 Hz Sample sound.gif Pluto

The tonic notes of the Energy Chimes are 4 octaves higher than the frequencies of the planetary tuning forks.

For  informations in detail about the planetary tones please click here mini_newpage.png

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