CD "Beyond The Event Horizon"

CD "Beyond The Event Horizon"

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CD "Beyond The Event Horizon" by Taruna
           Ambient, Chillout, World Music, Intelligent Dance

Finest chill out tunes composed and produced in Bali, Indonesia. This cross genre release goes truly 'Beyond' ordinary "New Age" or "Chill Out" music and takes the listener on a versatile musical journey with healing effects included. All tracks are tuned in natural tuning after "The Cosmic Octave" as calculated by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto.

The journey starts with the deep meditation relaxation Track "Om Shanti" with its beautiful Indian Tibetan vibes of singing bowls, Mongolian Tuvan throat singing, flutes and Indian sarod melodies, carried by deep drones and soundscapes accompanied by tabla tunes and a solid beat in cutting edge sound quality. The deep touching beauty of this track will carry you to another dimension full of peace and harmony.

"Eternal Youth" is a very relaxing chill out / lounge music track, tuned in an immune system healing frequency with a gentle beat, deep acoustic bass lines, beautiful pads and textures and with finest E-Guitar solos on top.

"Crystal Fusion" is a lounge music with jazzy vibes in a tuning related to the minor third of the octave-tone of one year. It is performed in a sophisticated 6/8 beat with interweaving E-Piano, Synth lines and E-Guitar solos carried by drones, pads and string sounds melting together in a powerful 'fusion'.

"Feeling Light"' is tuned to the fourth of the octave-tone of one sidereal day. The frequency of 259,91 Hz is supposed to burn fat and it will truly leave you with lightness. This fine electronica and chill out tune is carried by a driving beat, smooth synth lines, deep bass sounds and Tibetan bowls.

"Mercury Rising" is tuned in the octave-frequency of planet Mercury circumnavigation around the sun. In astrology Mercury stands for 'mind' and 'communication'. It is an Intelligent Dance Music track which starts with deep soundscapes from 'Beyond', building up to a solid beat with fat bass and synth lines all sophisticatedly interwoven, and leading to an euphoric climax.

"Platonic Year" is like a film music, tuned in a octave-frequency of the precession of the axis of the earth - a cycle of 26000 years. Deep soundscapes and textures, electronic ambient vibes, beautiful guitar melodies and solos, versatile synth lines, orchestral strings, sophisticated drum and percussion beats, Arabic atmospheres and melodies, horn sections, FX sounds, ethnic instruments, and much more, will take the listener on a journey which gets better and better with every listening.

In conclusion, this is a truly rewarding release. The tracks all flow together and this album show's Taruna's ability to be 'at home' in many music genres. It is a 'must buy' for conscious and flexibly minded music lovers..! Are you ready for it ?

   tuning               minutes

1. Om Shanti 
 sound.gif Sample
   Earth Year               9:35
2. Eternal Youth  sound.gif Sample
   Venus + major seventh    6:54
3. Crystal Fusion
   Earth Year + minor third 6:16

4. Feeling Light
   Earth Day + fourth       7:28

5. Mercury Rising
   Mercury                  5:36

6. Platonic Year
   Platonic Year           27:14

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