CD "seelestial"

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CD "seelestial"

The soul calendar by Rudolf Steiner:
A setting in 432 Hz tuning

Davide Zavatti, Cello
Heide Müller, Harp 

The secrets of the keys in music and the annual circle as the breathing of the earth and resonance of the cosmos on the soul.

Raphael Simcic's soul calendar - just like the original by Rudolf Steiner - consists of 52 sentences, which close into a circle along the circle of fifths during the course of the year. For seelestial, in an arrangement for cello and harp, Davide Zavatti has selected 12 of these pieces, which line up evenly and organically between the four high Christian festivals of Easter, Johanni, Michael and Christmas.

Track Spruch Key              Min. 

01 Spruch 01 C major          1:43
Hoerprobe Sample         
02 Spruch 04 G major          2:24 
03 Spruch 08 D major          1:57
04 Spruch 12 A major/f# minor 2:18
05 Spruch 18 C# minor         3:16
Hoerprobe Sample
06 Spruch 22 G# minor         2:08
07 Spruch 26 Eb minor         3:02
Hoerprobe Sample
08 Spruch 32 Bb minor         2:26
09 Spruch 36 F minor          2:11
10 Spruch 38 C monor/Eb major 2:56
11 Spruch 44 Bb major         2:15

Hoerprobe Sample
12 Spruch 49 F major          3:03
13 Spruch 53/1 C major        1:45
Total Time                   31:55

"The keys of the music, the astrological archetypes and signs of the zodiac, the human body, the planets, the seasons, the change of the year, the hours of the day, the circle of fifths... all these aspects are related to each other, and even more: they show themselves in our feelings and emotions, in our illnesses, in the destiny that we have chosen and that accompanies us all our lives. The way we resonate with these elements determines how much we are in harmony with the universe - and ultimately with God. Music is not just a way to approach the heart of the universe, the heart is the music itself". Davide Zavatti 


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