Set with 25 Tuning Forks Lplus

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Set with 25 Tuning Forks Lplus

25 large tuning forks Lplus (with ergonomic grasps) in 2 bags from pleather, including 1 Top Piece

The complete set contains the following 25 tuning forks:

126.22 Hz SUN tone   **)
194.18 Hz Earth-day (solar day)   **)
194.71 Hz Earth-day (sideric day)
136.10 Hz Earth-year / Om   **)
172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic Year   **)
210.42 Hz Synodic rotation   **)
227.43 Hz Sideric rotation
187.61 Hz Culmintation cycle
229.22 Hz Metonic cycle
241.56 Hz Saros´ period
246.04 Hz Apsidis´ rotation
234.16 Hz Moon knot
141.27 Hz Mercury   **)
221.23 Hz Venus   **)
144.72 Hz Mars
183.58 Hz Jupiter
147.85 Hz Saturn
207.36 Hz Uranus
211.44 Hz Neptune
140.64 Hz Pluto ***)
157.04 Hz Hydrogen, gamma
149.74 Hz Geomagnetic field
250.58 Hz Schumann Resonance
128 Hz Master Fork
256 Hz Master Fork 2

including 1 Top Piece.

 **) This 7 tuning forks are used for the 7 chakra as well.

***) Annotation:
Since its discovery on February 18, 1930 until 2018, Pluto has only completed about a third of a sun orbit.  Furthermore, because the Pluto orbit is much more inclined than the orbits of the other planets compared to the ecliptic at 17 degrees, there is also a higher uncertainty factor for the orbits of Pluto. This are probably the main reasons why the solar orbit of Pluto is given differently in different astronomical data sources. 
In the book "The Cosmic Octave" published in 1984, Hans Cousto assumed an orbital period of 90737.2 days for Pluto, of which he calculated the 40th Okatve at 140.25 Hz.

In NASA's JPL Small-Body Database Browser today the period is listed with 90487.277 days. The corresponding octave tone is 140.64 Hz.

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