KINDERLIEDER (Nursery Rhymes)

KINDERLIEDER (Nursery Rhymes)

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in Farbnoten für Klavier und Keyboard
with color-stickers for the keyboards

Nursery Rhymes (in German)

KINDERLIEDER are opening the magical world of Kids Songs in a colorful and simply understandable manner. Playing piano with color marked keys and color-note sheets is easy and delightful.

The booklet includes the German nursery rhymes:
Kommt ein Vogel geflogen
    A Bird Comes A-flying

Alle meine Entchen
    All my little ducklings

Summ, summ, summ

Hoppe, hoppe Reiter
    Bumpety bump, rider

Kuckuck, Kuckuck
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Fuchs du hast die Gans gestohlen
    Fox, You've Stolen the Goose

Alle Vögel sind schon da
    All the Birds Are Already Here

Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen?
    Do You Know How Many Stars There Are?

Der Mond ist aufgegangen
    The Moon Has Risen

Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
    Silent Night, Holy Night

Bruder Jakob
    Brother James

Hänschen Klein
    Little Johnny

Schlaf, Kindchen schlaf
    Sleep, Little Child, Sleep

If you are an absulte beginner we recommend to start with the booklet "easy keys"

For information in detail about color-coded music  please click here (in German).

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