Qigong Dancing

Qigong Dancing

Dancing with the Energy of Life

Qigong Dancing is a synergy of Western and Eastern approaches to movement and thought, developed by Gertrud Schröder at her school for martial arts and meditation, «Friedlicher Drache». (“Peaceful Dragon”), in Freiburg. 

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New 2DVD "Angewandtes Qigong"

Product no.: 95006

by Long Ping (Speech in German)
DVD 1: Qigong Dancing / Practical Exercises
DVD 2: Taiji - Qigong - Kung Fu / Exercises from the Dojo Friedlicher Drache

35.00 *

New Buch "Die Kraft der vier Tiere entdecken" by Gertrud Schröder

Product no.: 95005

Book in German by Gertrud Schröder

19.80 *

CD "Qigong Dancing"

Product no.: 33011

Steve Schroyder & Alienvoices
Ambient, Downbeat, PsyTrance and Overtone Singing

18.00 *

CD "Mit den vier Tieren in Bewegung kommen"

Product no.: 95004

Christoph Schwarz / Steve Schroyder
Qigong, Meditation, Ambient

16.80 *

Book "A.K.T. / Qigong Dancing"

Product no.: 95003

A book by Gertrud Schroeder and Thomas Brendel (German language)

21.00 *
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