Need-to-Know about the Planetary Wind Chimes

Need-to-Know about the Planetary Wind Chimes


Planetary Wind Chimes

Oriental cultures have long been familiar with wind chimes. The planetary overtone wind chimes produzed in Germany are renowned for their highly precise (planetary) tuning. Furthermore, they react to the most sensitive of strikes and, due to a special alloy, have a very overtone-rich sound.

High Class Workmanship
The planetary wind chimes are of high quality. Each tube is tuned, polished and surface-treated to make it hard-wearing (unprotected, shining silver edges and drill-holes are recognisable signs of inferior counterfeits). All the wooden components are cut from solid home-grown hardwood and treated with natural resin oil.

Planetary Notes
Using the octave law the astronomical cycles of the Sun, Earth, Moon and planets can be reproduced audibly as notes and visually as colours. Detailed information can be found at mini_newpage.png

The Tuning of Wind Chimes
The tubes of a wind chime are tuned pentatonically so that the notes are harmonic regardless of the order in which they sound. The name of the planetary wind chimes reveals the fundamental note of the pentatonic scale. For example, the wind chime SOL is tuned to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and JUPITER to the planet Jupiter’s orbit.

Every note has innumerable harmonics, the composition of which defines the tone colour. Harmonics are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. Long discovered by Pythagoras’ in his studies on harmonics, they can be perceived psychologically and influence a person’s well-being.

Feng Shui
The roots of feng shui lie within ancient Chinese culture and popular religion. Feng shui is a school of thought concerning harmony and deals with the effects of natural forces on man. It assumes that the living environment affects a person’s well-being above and beyond the purely technical and functional aspects. The shape and décor of a room, furniture and layout are important influential components in feng shui.

Systematic use of planetary wind chimes with their naturally and harmonically tuned sounds can have a positive effect on the energy fields and neutralise interference. Furthermore, the lead crystal prism integrated in the clapper of the Crystal Line models produces a balanced energy distribution in the room.


Diagram displaying the size comparison of the planetary models
Jupiter, Luna, Sol, Mars, Saturn, Terra, Venus and Mercury



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