Door Chimes "Venus"

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Door Chimes "Venus"
Just hook up at the top edge of the door.

4 tubes:

Longest tube:
Tube diameter:
26.5 cm / 10.4 inch
golden anodized

ca. 22.7 cm / 8.9 inch
12 mm / 0.5 inch


The octav tone of the planet Venus

The Venus orbit around the sun - as well as the corresponding octave tone - stands for harmony, love and beauty. In the realm of the soul's life it is a symbol for the female side of the psyche. Holism and pleasure are just as much a reflection of the Venus Principle as a sense of aesthetics and "good taste".

Detailed information on the tone of Venus can be found at

Sound sample Wind Chimes VENUS mini_newpage.png


Higher octave of the solar orbit of Venus
Taurus, Libra
Love, harmony
Sensualism, passion, aesthetic

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