Door Chimes "Moon" by KlangArt


Door Chimes "Moon" by KlangArt

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KlangArt Door Chimes "Moon"

Sample  Wind Chime MOON

What could be more welcoming when entering your home, than the sound of the Moon? Solid chime rods produce a harmonious triad tuned to the oscillation of the Sun.

Attaches to any door. No screws required. No electricity. Two beads on the end of two cords swing to-and-fro with the movement of the door. The chimes can be silenced by hanging up the beads.

Made from lovely Alder wood, naturally treated with linseed oil. Handmade by a local musician in Germany.

Total height: 21 cm / 8,3 inch
Width: 10,5 cm / 4,1 inch
Depth: 7cm / 2.76 inch
Weight: 370g / 13oz

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