CD "H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen"

CD "H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen"

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CD "H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen" by Akasha Project
           The Sound of Hydrogen

Based on the frequencies calculated by Hans Cousto in 1999 „H2 - Der Klang der Wasserstoffmolekuele“ (H2 - The Sound of Hydrogen) the composer and sound artist Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project developed a special composition method for the octave analog transposition of measurements of the spectral data (resonance maxima) of hydrogen atoms.

This work and the production of a preferably pure description of the harmonic conditions on the microcosmic quantum level was created over a period of ten years. The result is a harmonic sound sculpture, created on the base of a „self-composing“ musical process, which can give an impression about what holds the world together in its core.

Quantum music is hearing the world (Akroasis).

Total: 77:14 min.


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