CDr "The Quantum Music Of The LSD Molecule"

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CDr "The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule" by Akasha Project
Molecularly Ambience

The Akasha Project by Barnim Schultze is known to exclusively make music in planetary and molecular octave tunings. On this album the infrared spectrum of the LSD-25 molecule indicates the tone sequences and also the tempo. In his words: "Quantum music is self-composing". As a master of tuning in, the Akasha Project opened the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel on March 21, 2008 with exactly this recording.

1 Track "The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule" 33:58 minutes



The music has been released by Planetware Records in small editions on CDr with inkjet label and cover in slimcases. It is also available in Streaming+Download at bandcamp

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