CDr "Cosmic Colors"

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CDr "Cosmic Colors" by Akasha Project

         Planetary Ambience / Chill Out / Downtempo


Five tracks in the finest planetary ambient style for a psychedelic chill out, tuned with cosmic precision as you would expect from Akasha Project. Close your eyes and open your ears; why take a rocket into space when we're already there and the music makes us weightless?"

Track   Stimmung               min.
1: Electric Aum  Erdenjahr    14:34
2: Moonflower    Mond, synod. 14:42
3: Venus Cloud   Venus        11:55
4: Final Line    Sonne         6:51
5: Dreams        Erdentag     14:25
Total Time                    63:00

The music has been released by Planetware Records in small editions on CDr with inkjet label and cover in slimcases. It is also available in Streaming+Download at bandcamp

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