CD "Die Sonne 126,22 Hz - Die Erde 172,06 Hz"

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CD "Die Sonne 126,22 Hz — Die Erde 172,06 Hz (Platonisches Jahr)"
(CD "The Sun 126.22 Hz — The Earth 172.06 Hz (Platonic Year)

Barbara Ostertag
Singing Bowl Meditation

PurePlanet Sound
The third album of the series "PurePlanet Sound", in which exclusively compositions for planetary tuned singing bowls are played. 

On this CD "Die Sonne 126,22 Hz — Die Erde 172,06 Hz (Platonisches Jahr) play exclusively up to 25 singing bowls. Depending on how they are played, the bowls unfold a rich spectrum of overtones and an individual sound.

The first four tracks are in the tuning of the Platonic Year of the Earth. The gyroscopic motion of the earth's axis with its cycle of almost 26,000 years thus determines the keynote, an F with 172.06 Hz. In the traditional spirit culture in ancient China F was the base note. Hans Cousto, the finder of the Cosmic Octave, writes of the tone of the Platonic Year: "Meditation music tuned to this tone can be very beneficial on the spiritual path and leads one away from the physical and mental regions into the spheres of the spirit."

The other four pieces are in the tuning of the Sun 126.22 Hz, which corresponds to the gravitational length of the sun. "Meditations with this tone lead into realms beyond the knowledge of good and evil, beyond shame and guilt, beyond space and time, beyond knowledge and wisdom, beyond doing and not doing, beyond being and not being. Meditations with this tone lead one into realms where being has no name, where the All-One and the All-Many are no longer differentiated and come together in their origin and one becomes this origin oneself" (Hans Cousto).

Detailed information about the two basic moods can be found >here.

The singing bowls of this album were also played by Barbara Ostertag, Eva Stöber, Elke Maier-Wenzl and Wolfgang Gleixner and recorded by Michael Gerlach at Amazonas Studios.


Erde - Platonisches Jahr (Earth - Platonic Year)
1. Mantra: Platonisches Jahr  (Platonic Year)
    sound Sample

2. Weit hinaus  (Far Out)
    sound Sample

3. Erwachen  (Awakening)
    sound Sample

4. Erkennen  (Recognize)
    sound Sample

5. Mantra: Sonne  (Mantra: Sun)
    sound Sample

6. Sehnsucht  (Longing)
    sound Sample

7. Flirrendes Lich  (Shimmering Light)
    sound Sample

8. Sonnepuls  (Sun Pulse)
    sound Sample

Total time 66 minutes, GEMA-frei

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