The Trigones are a new development of the silversmith master and sound artist Martin Bläse. In his studio Kult-Ur-Sprung he combines the advantages of the industry, to be able to produce especially pure metals, with the possibilities of craftsmanship, by cold hammering the metal, then bringing it to glow with fire and then slowly letting it cool down. This "tempering" serves to optimise the sound quality.

As a sound and rhythm instrument, the trigons, also known as Triangle Plates, belong to the group of "idiophones" (self-tones that produce the sound by vibrating as a whole).

They are made of bronze and precisely tuned to planetary frequencies. A touch in the middle of the triangle produces a clear, long-lasting tone, while a touch on the side causes the trigon to rotate, producing a floating sound, which also lingers for a long time.

The handle is a wooden ball, which can also be used to strike the tone. Table stands with wooden feet or with Baltic stone feet, wall hangers and clappers for striking are available as accessories.

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Classic view