Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls



Singing Bowls with Planet Tones

Our musically competent importer selects the singing bowls in India, paying particular attention to the best sound quality. Here in Germany the sound frequencies are measured exactly. The tone accuracy is within a tolerance limit of + / - 5 cent, which also satisfies professional musicians.

Singing bowls always produce several tones. Depending on where, how and with what they are struck, a lower or a higher tone can emerge. With the singing bowls offered here, the lowest tone has a planetary frequency. If a higher tone corresponds to a planetary frequency, this is additionally indicated.

Each singing bowl here is unique. Singing bowls with the following basic tones are currently available here:
1. G,   Earth Day, Root Chakra
2. G#, Moon, Navel Chakra
3. B,   Sun, Solar Plexus
4. C#  Earth Year, Om, Heart Chakra
5. C#  Mercury, Throat Chakra
6. A,   Venus, 3rd-Eye-Chakra
7. F,    Earth-Platonic Year, Crown
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