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"Zeitgeber" Dream Control

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Dream Control

Electronica, Trance

Two former keyboardists from Tangerine Dream and Birth Control have started a new music project: Dream Control. On their debut album "Zeitgeber", the two electronic pioneers and border-crossers Zeus B. Held and Steve Schroyder celebrate their very own sounds and rhythms as a cosmic journey through sound and time, divided into ten compositions and improvisations. Some tracks are enriched by the voices of Anne Zeides and Tami Williams and the overtone and throat singing of Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich (aka Alien Voices). As usual from Planetware, the music is based on specifically selected planetary or molecular vocal data that deviate from the usual concert pitch.

bpm tempo | Hz tuning
1. Eyes And Ears
127,6 Earth year| 221,23 Venus
2. Time Out
132,4 Mercury | 172,07 Platonic year
3. Go Forward ...
69 Saturn | 221,23 Venus
4. To Tomoro
138 Saturn | 221,23 Venus
5. Frozen Boumme
127,6 Earth year | 147,85 Saturn

6. Kant Can Dance
135 Mars | 128,7 THC-4
7. Doors Of Perception
99 Neptune | 147,85 Saturn
8. Tomaga
138 Saturn | 221,23 Venus
9. Gamma Ray
127,6 Earth year | 163,6 LSD-1

9. Blick Aus Meinem Fenster
138 Saturn | 207,36 Uranus

YouTube Video "Kant Can Dance"

CD (with 16-page booklet) 77:43 minutes