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Wind Chimes 'Terra'

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Product no.: 51500


Wind Chimes 'Terra'

Planet Earth: source of life

The rhythm of day and night energizes the life processes on our planet. It sets the pace for our internal clock. The Earth Day tone fills us with strength, strengthens our perception of reality and our willingness to deal with it.

Available models

  • Terra classic golden
  • Terra classic silver
  • Terra crystal gold
  • Terra crystal silver


  • 5 sound tubes, golden anodized
  • Total length 85 cm / 33''
  • Diameter 14 cm /5.5''
  • Longest tube 36 cm / 15''
  • Sound tube Ø 22 mm / 0.9''
  • Base tone: Earl day G 1553 Hz


  • Astrological sign: All
  • Principle: vitality, life energy
  • Effective properties: dynamism, power, sense of reality

Listening sample