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Wind Chimes 'Saturn' crystal / gold

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Wind Chimes 'Saturn'

crystal line / golden

Saturn, in the mythology of the ancient Romans 'god of sowing' and the ancient Greeks 'Kronos', god of time, stands for experience, resilience, stability and also limitation, i.e. in a positive sense it represents the framework within which we can develop and unfold. Its properties emphasize the ability to concentrate and promote the process of awareness. By consciously dealing with it, we gain experience, maturity and clarity. Whenever its sound is heard, it conveys the message: Be awake! Be conscious!


  • 5 sound tubes
  • Total length 100 cm / 39''
  • Diameter 14 cm / 5.5''
  • Longest tube 58 cm / 22.8''
  • Sound tube Ø 25 mm / 1''
  • Base tone: Mars D 591 Hz


  • Astrological sign: Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Primal principle: Limitation, stability
  • Effectiveness: power of concentration, resilience, preservation


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