• Instruments of the Cosmic Octave
  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

Tuning Fork Splus 227.43 Hz Moon, sidereal

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The Sidereal Lunar Cycle

A sidereal month describes the duration of 27.32 days in which the moon moves once through the zodiac in relation to the fixed stars.

29 octaves higher, this corresponds to the tone of these tuning forks at 227.43 Hz.

The corresponding color light frequency is yellow.

Difference between the Sidereal and Synodic Months

  • Sidereal: Period relative to the fixed stars (from Latin sidus 'star'). A sidereal month is completed when the Moon returns to the same position in relation to the fixed stars after a full orbit.
  • Synodic: Period relative to the Sun. A new moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun are aligned in front of a fixed star in the zodiac. During the time it takes for the Moon to complete a sidereal month, the Sun has moved approximately one zodiac sign. Therefore, it takes an additional 2 1/4 days for a new moon to occur again.

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227.43 Hz Moon, sideric