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Tuning Fork Splus 172.86 Hz Chiron

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Tuning Fork Splus - 172.86 Hz Chiron

Chiron is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus with a solar orbital period of approximately 50.39 years.


The 171.80 Hz Chiron tuning forks offered by Planetware until May 2014 referred to an orbital period that was previously stated in NASA's Chiron Fact Sheet as 50.7 years. Another NASA data source, the JPL Small-Body Database Browser, then gave an orbital period of 50.39. After contacting the author of the Chiron Fact Sheet, the information was also changed to 50.39 years. In his email, the author justifies the change by saying that more precise information about the orbit of the asteroid Chiron is now available. Especially for distant space objects or highly elliptical orbits, it can lead to a changed determination of the orbital period, which results in slightly changed octave frequencies.

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172,86 Hz Chiron