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Tuning Fork Splus 149.74 Hz Geomagnetic field

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Tuning Forks Splus - 149.74 Hz Earth's Magnetic Field

Geomagnetic field maximum

Since there are no equivalents for the color blue-violet (indigo) in the octave tones of the planets or the moon, but this frequency quality is required in certain color therapies, naturally occurring oscillations were sought that cover the range in question.

The earth's magnetic field not only has the north-south pole component, but also shows a so-called micropulsation spectrum. This has a maximum at around 9.36 Hertz. The geomagnetic field maximum is four octaves higher at a tone frequency of 149.74 Hz, which corresponds to the blue-violet light color.

Length of this tuning fork: 19.8 cm / 7.8''

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149,74 Hz Geomagnetic field