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Tuning Fork Splus 140.64 Hz Pluto

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This tuning fork will be available again at the end of July 2024.

Pluto's orbit around the sun

It wasn't until 1930 that Pluto was discovered. Only about a third the size of the Earth's moon, it orbits the sun in a very eccentric orbit, 40 times farther away than the earth. It has been classified as a dwarf planet** since 2006. It takes almost 250 years to orbit the sun.

Transposed into the audible range using the Cosmic Octave, this corresponds to a tone with 140.64 Hz** and the color blue-green in the light spectrum. For more information, please click here.

Length of this tuning fork: 20.3 cm / 7.99''


* Since Pluto's discovery, more and more small bodies have been found beyond Neptune, which is why the International Astronomical Union (IAU) formulated a more precise definition of the term planet in 2006. Accordingly, a planet is an astronomical object that [a] is in an orbit around the sun, [b] has an approximately round shape, [c] has cleared the surroundings of its orbit. A dwarf planet has the same properties as a planet, except that it does not have its orbit cleaned up. Small bodies are all other objects that orbit the Sun (astroids, comets and others). According to this definition, Neptune is now considered the outermost planet in the solar system and Pluto is considered a dwarf planet (the largest known in the solar system).

** In 2020, Pluto has only completed around a third of a solar orbit since its discovery in 1930. As its orbit is much more inclined to the ecliptic than that of the other planets, the orbital values are subject to a greater uncertainty factor. This is probably the main reason why its orbital period is given differently in astronomical data sources. Hans Cousto assumed an orbital period of 90737.2 days in his book "The Cosmic Octave" published in 1984, from which he calculated the 40th octave at 140.25 Hz. 140.64 Hz goes back to a later NASA specification of 90487.277 days as the period.

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140.64 Hz Pluto