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  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

Tuning Fork Splus 136.10 Hz Earth Year / Om

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Tuning fork Splus - 136.10 Hz Earth Year

Earth's orbit around the sun

The earth year is the duration of one revolution of the earth around the sun, measured from one (apparent) passage of the sun through the vernal equinox to the next. One oscillation per year corresponds 32 octaves higher to a tone CIS of 136.10 Hz (oscillations per second) and after a further 42 doublings of the frequency of the light color blue-green.


As the earth revolves around the sun, phases with a lot of sunshine in summer and little sunshine in winter alternate. Photoperiods (duration of daylight), temperatures and food supply in the respective seasons control biological processes such as reproduction, hibernation or animal migration.

From a sound therapy perspective, the annual tone 136.10 Hz and the corresponding color blue-green have a relaxing, calming and balancing effect. Just as the rhythm of the day primarily affects the body, the changing of the seasons primarily affects the psyche, the heart and soul. The traditional music of the soul-oriented culture of India (keyword: transmigration of the soul), as well as its chanting of the sacred primeval syllable "Om", usually coincides intuitively (without specifying a frequency number) with the earth year tone. According to Indian teachings, "Om" is based on Anahata Nad, the unstruck, eternal sound of the spheres. In the Indian doctrine of the seven subtle body centers, the heart chakra is called Anahata Chakra.


The description of the effect of the cosmic octave tones, which is based on subjective experience, is intended as a suggestion. Feel the vibration yourself and observe how you and others react to the respective vibration. A series of experiences with the earth year tone can develop into an "emerald green thread" that makes the effect of the tone increasingly clear.

  • Tuning fork length: 20.5 cm / 8.07''

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136.10 Hz Earth´s year