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  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

Tuning Forks Splus single

from 36.00 €

Product no.: 21000


The Tuning Forks 'Splus' are ideal for a variety of applications. With the frequencies of the sun, earth, moon, planets and other tones, they are a valuable tool for intuitive use and also for anyone involved in sound puncture, sound therapy and energy work. The tuning forks are made of high-quality, nickel-plated and therefore rustproof steel. The handle has a cushioned grip for comfortable handling. Each fork arm is labelled on the side with the corresponding frequency number and name for easy identification.

Find out more about the differences between the various models, the material, the stop of the tuning forks and much more in the menu under 'General'.

Technical data

  • High frequency accuracy
  • High-quality steel
  • Mirror-smooth surface
  • Rounded edges Fork arms 4 x 8 mm / 0.16 x 0.31''
  • Fork arm labelled on the side with frequency number and name
  • Handle with ergonomic grip pad made of elastomer with cork (TPE)