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Tuning Forks Lplus 172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic Year

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Tuning Fork Lplus- 172.06 Hz Platonic Year

The precession of the earth's axis

The third element of the Earth's motion, alongside its orbit around the sun and rotation on its own axis, is the gyroscopic motion of the Earth's axis, also known as precession. In just under 26,000 years, the imaginary extension of the Earth's axis passes through a complete circle in the fixed starry sky. The duration of this cycle is called the "Platonic year". The 47th octave corresponds to a tone F of 172.06 Hz and the 88th and 89th octaves to the color red-violet.


The Platonic year is not directly perceptible in a person's life like day and night or the seasons. It is a vibration that can be grasped above all spiritually, more precisely, through the interaction of many spirits. For generations, celestial experts have recognized that the point of equinox in spring, which astronomically marks the beginning of a new earth year, passes through the zodiac as a result of precession. The vernal equinox has been moving backwards through the constellation of Pisces since the beginning of our era a good 2000 years ago and now heralds the "Age of Aquarius" sung about in the musical Hair.

The tone of the Platonic earth year is a tone of the spirit. In the culture of ancient China, which emphasizes the Taoist spirit, the tone F was the basic tone of music. Like the color red-violet, which combines both edges of the light spectrum into a 'colour wheel', the tone symbolizes the fusion of dual opposites. It helps to cope with phases of upheaval in life, has a calming effect and at the same time promotes mental clarity, concentration and the ability to learn. The octave frequencies of the Platonic year resonate primarily in the Sahasrara crown chakra


The description of the effect of the cosmic octave tones is based on the subjective experiences of many users. It is intended as a suggestion, because it is not what is said or written that counts, but what is experienced. Feel the vibration yourself and observe how you and others react to the respective vibration. A series of experiences can develop into a "red-violet thread" that describes the effect of the tone more and more clearly.

  • Length of this tuning fork: 22.3 cm / 8.78''

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172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic year