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Tuning Forks Lplus 172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic Year

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Product no.: 23172


The tuning fork S with 172.06 Hz is based on the gyroscopic motion of the earth's axis. Its imaginary extension passes through a complete circle in the starry sky every 25920 years, the so-called "Platonic year". While the earth day physically causes the alternation of waking and sleeping phases and the seasons can psychologically cause mood swings, the Platonic Year of the Earth is above all a mentally perceptible cycle.

Like the octave-analogue color red-violet, which connects the two ends of the color spectrum to form a color wheel, the tone symbolizes the connection of opposites and stands for mental clarity, concentration and the ability to learn. It has a particular effect on the crown chakra. Maintain your serenity with the tuning fork of the Platonic earth year 172.06 Hz.

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172.06 Hz Earth-Platonic year