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Tuning Forks Lplus 126.22 Hz Sun

68.00 €

Product no.: 23126


The solar tone corresponds to a virtual limit, so to speak. If you imagine a small planet that is 1.5 km away from a point-shaped central star with the mass of our sun, it would reach the speed of light and orbit the center 32,312.53 times per second. Eight octaves down, this leads to the tone with 126.22 Hz. The octave-analog color in the light spectrum is yellow-green.

The tone promotes a sense of one's own center and works in the Manipura chakra (solar plexus). Meditations with this tuning fork lead to areas beyond duality and help to expand consciousness. The sun sound tuning fork is also part of the chakra set, which can be used to stimulate the subtle energy centers in the body. It is also included in the set of 13 and 25 tuning forks.

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126.22 Hz Sun