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Tuning Fork L 229.22 Hz Moon, Metonic Cycle

65.00 €

Product no.: 22229


The Tuning Fork L 229.22 Hz Meton Cycle is based on a rhythm of 19 years, which comprises exactly 235 synodic months. This means that after this time, the same moon phase occurs again on the same date. For example, anyone born on a full moon can celebrate their birthday, on which they turn 19, 38, 57, 76, 95 or 114 years old, on a full moon again.

This sound combines the grounding effect of the Om sound with the sensual energy of the moon. You can use this vibration, for example, to tune in to a long phase of life in harmony with the cosmic rhythm or to bring it to a close.

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229.22 Hz Moon metonic cycle