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Tuning Fork L 211.44 Hz Neptune

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Tuning Fork L - 211.44 Hz Neptune

Neptune solar orbit

In 1846, the mathematician Urbain Le Verrier calculated from dents in Uranus' orbit that another planet must orbit the sun. In fact, the astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle then discovered Neptune, which is 30 times as far away from the sun as the Earth.

At 164 years, its orbital period is twice as long as that of Uranus. Transposed into the tone spectrum using the Cosmic Octave by multiple frequency doubling, this corresponds to the frequency 211.44 Hz in the middle hearing range and to the color orange in the light spectrum. For additional tuning data please click here.

Length of this tuning fork: 21 cm / 8.26''

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211.44 Hz Neptune