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Tuning Fork L 207.36 Hz Uranus

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Tuning Fork L - 207.36 Hz Uranus

The orbit of Uranus around the sun

In 1781, Sir Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel discovered the planet Uranus using a self-made telescope. Uranus is 20 times as far away from the Sun as Earth. It is actually not visible to the naked eye. There must be particularly favorable circumstances —a clear atmosphere, no artificial light anywhere and eagle eyes — that it can just be seen at its 6th magnitude brightness (all other visible planets have an apparent brightness of at least 1st magnitude).

Uranus' orbit around the sun takes 84 years. Transposed using the Cosmic Octave, this corresponds to a tone with 207.36 Hz in the middle hearing range and the color orange in the light spectrum. Click here for further information.

Length of this tuning fork: 21 cm  /  8.27''

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207.36 HZ Uranus