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Tuning Fork S - 194.18 Hz Earth-day, synodic

38.00 €

Product no.: 20194


The frequency of this tuning fork at 194.18 Hertz corresponds to the average solar day, which lasts from one peak of the sun to the next. A high octave of this tone frequency is red-orange.

The influence of the earth's rotation on the body is obvious: waking and sleeping phases alternate in the rhythm of the earth day. Like the colour red-orange, the earth day tone has an invigorating effect. It is also used to stimulate the base chakra, one of the tantric energy centres between the physical and the subtle body. The tuning fork 194.18 Hz Tageston is also part of the chakra set and therefore offers a comprehensive option for energy work to bring body and mind into harmony.

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194.18 Hz Earth's day, synodic)