• Instruments of the Cosmic Octave
  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

Tuning Fork S - 194.18 Hz Earth-day, synodic

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Tuning Fork S - 194.18 Hz Earth Day

The Earth's solar day

The mean solar day, also known as the synodic Earth day, is the duration of the Earth's own rotation from one high point of the Sun to the next (in astronomy, 'synodic' always refers to periods measured in relation to the Sun - from the ancient Greek synodos 'coincidence'). The corresponding tone frequency was the first to be determined by Hans Cousto in October 1978 using the octave formula. 1 x per day is 24 octaves higher than a tone G with 194.18 Hz. The 65th octave of the earth day corresponds to the light color red-orange.


We experience day and night due to the earth's rotation. The effects on the organism are obvious: waking and sleeping phases alternate at a frequency of 1 x per day. Sound therapists use the day tone G 194.18 Hz primarily for physical vitalization. 42 octaves higher, the light color red-orange also has a stimulating effect. In the chakras, the subtle energy centers between the physical and the subtle body in the tantric traditions, the day tone is used to harmonize the basic chakra Muladhara.


The description of the effect of the cosmic octave tones is based on the subjective experiences of many users. It is intended as a suggestion, because it is not what is said or written that counts, but what is experienced. Feel the vibration yourself and observe how you and others react to the respective vibration. From a series of experiences, a "red thread" can develop that describes the effect of the individual sounds more and more clearly.

  • Length of this tuning fork: 16.6 cm / 6.54''

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194.18 Hz Earth's day, synodic)