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Tuning fork S - 157.04 Hz Hydrogen

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Tuning fork S - 157.04 Hz Hydrogen, gamma

The number 1 element

The universe is most permeated by the vibrational structures of hydrogen, because it is the most common element, occurring more often than all the others combined. Like every atom and molecule, hydrogen exhibits a series of frequencies. The Balmer series, named after the discoverer, is in the visible range. When octaved into the audible range, the alpha line produces a tone at 207.68 Hz. This corresponds approximately to a high octave of Uranus' orbit around the sun. The octave tone of the beta line is similar to the Pluto tone at 140.14 Hz. For these two lines, the Uranus and Pluto tuning forks come into question. The octave tone of the gamma line at 157.04 Hz does not match any of the planetary tones. Hans Cousto has also determined the octave frequencies of the hydrogen series from the infrared and ultraviolet ranges and documented them in detail at www.planetware.de/tune_in/Wasserstoff.html

The tuning fork hydrogen, gamma 157.04 Hz is usually available immediately. Tuning forks S with other hydrogen frequencies can be custom-made upon request and sent at the end of the following month.

Length of this tuning fork: 18 cm

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157.04 Hz Hydrogen gamma