• Instruments of the Cosmic Octave
  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

Tuning fork S - 147.85 Hz Saturn

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Tuning Fork S - 147.85 Hz Saturn

Solar orbit of Saturn

Saturn, prominent due to its rings, is the second largest planet. It is ten times farther from the sun than the Earth and is visible in the sky with the naked eye. In the 18th century it was still considered the outermost planet, until even more distant ones were discovered with telescopes.

Saturn orbits the sun within 29.46 years, which, transposed using the octave formula, corresponds to a tone of 147.85 Hz in the middle hearing range and the color blue in the light spectrum. Please click here for more information.

Length of the tuning fork S: 18.3 cm

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147.85 Hz Saturn