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Tuning forks S - 136.10 Hz Earth year

38.00 €

Product no.: 20136


The earth orbits the sun once a year, and if you extrapolate this in octaves, you arrive at the tone frequency of 136.10 Hz of this tuning fork. In the light spectrum, this corresponds to the color blue-green.

The year-tone has a relaxing and calming effect, similar to the color blue-green. In traditional Indian music, which is based on Anahata Nad, the unstruck sound of the spheres, and the sacred primal sound "Om", which opens the Anahata chakra, i.e. the heart chakra, often intuitively corresponds exactly to this tone frequency. The "home tone" has a transformative effect and leads to inner peace and balance.

Of course, this tuning fork is also included in the chakra set.

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136.10 Hz Earth´s year