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  • Instruments of the Cosmic Octave

Tuning Fork Basic Set Splus

119.00 €

Product no.: 21003


Tuning Fork Basic Set 'Splus'

Tune your inner clock

The changing of day and night determines when we are awake and when we sleep. Similarly, the rhythm of the seasons or the phases of the moon influence our biology. Higher octaves of these periods can serve as harmonizing tuning frequencies.

The set contains three Splus tuning forks with grip pads:

  • 194.18 Hz Earth day
  • 136.10 Hz Earth year / Om
  • 210.42 Hz Moon (moon phase cycle)


In sonopuncture, the stem of a struck tuning fork is placed on the body. The vibration of the tuning fork can be clearly felt in the area of the contact point. The application is intuitive. Doctors and alternative practitioners can use sound puncture in a very targeted way, just like acupressure or acupuncture. Following their instructions, you can continue sonopuncture at home. On the website www.planetware.de/octave/chronobio you will find detailed information on chronobiology and examples of sonopuncture with the three tuning frequencies of the basic set.