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Sound Creation Gong No. 3A Earth, Ø 32''

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PAISTE Sound Creation Gong Nr. 3A "Earth"
sounds multi-layered and unfathomable
Durchmesser: 81 cm | 32''

PAISTE Sound Creation Gong No. 3A "Earth"

Diameter: 81 cm | 32''

  • Sound Description:  alive, multi-layered structure, coarsely structured lows, finely structured highs, peaceful and wide lows, foaming and swelling highs, dissolving fade
  • Sound Color: unfathomable-dark
  • Sound Sensation: imysterious, unfathomable, knowing, allowing, inexorable, kind

Here the designation "Earth" is to understood in an associative manner and has nothing to do with the planetary tones.

Sound sample:

Soundcloud   (please note, smaller audiodevices may not be able to reproduce
                        the low frequencies by the Gong in an appropriate way)