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Singing Bowl 'Sun' 322g

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The "Singing bowl 'Sun' with 322 g" is a wonderful instrument for strengthening your sense of centre. The sound unfolds its magical effect particularly in the solar plexus chakra. Through regular meditation with this singing bowl, it is possible to expand your consciousness beyond duality and immerse yourself in deeper levels of consciousness.


  • Basic tone: B, Sun, Solar Plexus
  • Weight 352 g, 12.4 oz
  • Diameter 118 mm, 4.6''
  • Height 60 mm 2.3''


"Meditations with the sun-tone lead into the realm beyond the realisation of good and evil, beyond shame and guilt, beyond space and time, beyond knowledge and wisdom, beyond doing and non-doing, beyond being and non-being. Meditations with this tone lead into the realm where the being has no name, where the All-One and the All-Many no longer differ and come together in their origin and you yourself become this origin" (quote from Hans Cousto).