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Singing Bowl 'Platonic year' 338g

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Playing with the Singing Bowl Earth 'Platonic Year' 338g promotes serenity and clarity of mind. It expands the crown chakra, which connects the earthly with the spiritual existence.

The tone corresponds to a high octave of the gyroscopic movement of the earth's axis with a cycle of 26,000 years. Many octaves higher, the vibration corresponds to the red-violet light. Like the color that connects the two edges of the rainbow spectrum to form a 'colour wheel', the tone symbolizes the suspension of dual opposites. It supports concentration and the ability to learn and helps to cope with phases of upheaval in life. Use this singing bowl to strengthen your spirit and find your inner balance.


  • Basic tone: F, Earth platonic year, crown Chakra
  • Sample

  • Weight: 338 g, 11.9pz
  • Diameter: 116 mm, 4.6''
  • Height: 55 mm, 2.2''