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Singing Bowl 'Moon Culmination' 32.3oz

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The basic tone of the Singing Bowl 'Moon Culmination' 915g is an F sharp, based on the culmination period of the moon. The moon rises 50 minutes later each day than the day before. While the sun reaches its highest point in the midday sky every 24 hours, this takes about 24 hours and 50.5 minutes for the moon. The fundamental tone corresponds to the color red in octaves. An overtone of this singing bowl is an octave tone of the earth year (C#, Om).


  • Basic tone: F#, Moon-Culmination
  • Overtone: C#, Earth Year / Om
  • Sample
  • Weight: 915g 32.3oz
  • Diameter: 191mm 7.5''
  • Height: 93mm 3.7''