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  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

Singing Bowl 'Moon' 1357g

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The "Moon singing bowl with 1357 g" has an attractive, eroticising effect and can be used to stimulate the navel chakra. The basic tone of the sound is based on the rhythm of the moon phases, which have an influence on the earth and life. This is also shown by the behaviour of some fish species in connection with the tides of the seas. The singing bowl can help to harmonise the monthly cycle in women and promote erotic communication. It can also have a positive effect on the lymphatic system. Use the healing power of the singing bowl to harmonise your vibrations in line with the moon.


  • Basic tone: G#, Moon, Navel Chakra
  • Sample
  • Weight 1357g 47.9''
  • Diameter 239mm 9.4''
  • Height 109mm 4.3''