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  • WELCOME to the home of COSMIC OCTAVE

Set of 8 Energy Chimes: Planets

140.00 €

Product no.: 41008


This set from KlangArt contains eight sound sticks with the octave tones of the planets. For a clear spatial sound, the sound bars produce bright tones that are four octaves above the corresponding frequencies of the tone puncture tuning forks

In this way, the sound of

Mercury can promote the speech centre and the art of speaking,

Venus can be used to inspire Venusian beauty,

Mars can increase mental strength, willpower and stamina,

Jupiter supports the awakening of your own talents,

Saturn promote the ability to concentrate and become aware,

Uranus utilise the power of surprise and renewal,

Neptune let the world of fantasy blossom and

Pluto strengthen the group dynamic principle.

The links lead to an audio sample of the respective sound energy chime.