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"Qigong Dancing" Steve Schroyder & Alienvoices

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Qigong Dancing

Steve Schroyder & Alienvoices

incl. "Amba" performed by Irina Mikhailova

Ambient, Downbeat, PsyTrance, Tribal and Overtone Singing

Steppe songs in the pulse of electrons: Steve Schroyder's wide soundscapes and driving beats and the overtone and throat singing of Alienvoices. Does the secret lie in the natural tuning frequencies that touch our cultural heritage and can already be found in the rituals of ancient peoples, in many a church bell or in the primal mantra "Om"? Primal sounds resonate with us as musical archetypes, create deep atmospheric images and touch us far beyond the masks of everyday life. The songs on the album Qigong Dancing are an invitation to experience security in the rhythms of the earth, to feel pulsating life force with the sun, to go into battle with Mars or to feel the power of the moon.

Qigong Dancing is a synergy of western and eastern approaches to thought and movement. The four animal images "Bear", "Crane", "Tiger" and "Snake" address elementary levels of human action and find their musical counterpart here. Between complex soundscapes, driving rhythms and ethnic vocals, every genre classification is lost on this album. Because what counts is the journey.

Tracks Tuning / animal

  1. Sun 4 Seasons Sun / Bear
  2. Moon On Siberia Moon, siders + Venus / Crane
  3. Tiger Rising Earth day + Mars / Tiger
  4. Ju Me Snake Jupiter + Mercury / Snake
  5. Roots And Crown Earth year / Tree
  6. Sun 4 Seasons (Chilling Bear) Sun / Bear
  7. Flight Of The Crane Venus / Crane
  8. Tigers From Mars Mars + Earth day / Tiger
  9. Amba Earth year + Jupiter / Snake

Youtube Video "Sun 4 Seasons"

Youtube Video with audio samples of all tracks

CD 63 minutes